House of Knowledge

Located in the Manufacturing District of the lower city of Vesk, The Church dedicated to Oghma is known to the locals as the ‘House of Knowledge’. From street level this building does not appear dissimilar to those surrounding it. For the casual observer would merely overlook the building as just another warehouse but there is something incredible about this building.

The sound of Bards practicing their latest lament about Garrison or some other hero waft through the windows and out into the street giving passers by some idea that this is no ordinary structure for it houses the greatest cartographers, artisans, researchers, philosophers and academics in all of Vesk.

If there are questions to be pondered then somewhere in amongst the catacombs of books, tomes, parchments and papyrus the answer can be found.

Admittedly this is easier said than done and could take longer than one life time for the pursuit of such answers, plus there is a great chance of becoming lost among the stacks but that is the risk for anyone foolish enough to go looking for answers without Oghma as their guide.

House of Knowledge

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