Beeline for Beluth

The sordid one gets sorted.

Beluth be ready, for the final blessing is upon you. It is like a laying on of hands, but these hands are holding hammer and blade.

Brother Bob and the Ranger are truly blessed! How they suffer and struggle under a razor wire net, I must join them. That Ranger has the mark of Ilmater, he must be one of Ilmater’s favoured to suffer so, and to cause so much suffering to Beluth with those arrows! The Warlock waves his hands about, is he communicating with Beluth? Time to sever communications … and Beluth’s head.

Just as Brother Bob and Ilmater’s Ranger have suffered all they can, the Lorekeeper shows his understanding of Ilmater’s divine providence by reviving them so they may suffer even more! I hope that we may all become so blessed in this battle. The mighty Garrison throws the net aside like a sack of small whippets and joins the battle. Beluth’s blade cuts deep and I am double blessed to be bleeding and fighting alongside the legend Garrison again. Garrison is a legend but Beluth, this is your end.

As the Warlock waves his hands saying something about a whizz, Beluth disappears and reappears, stabbing the Lorekeeper. What a wonderful surprise blessing, like a sweet chocolate filled with broken glass! The battle produces another choc-o-glass as the captive woman walks out of her cell and blesses the Warlock with her scimitar. Ilmater is truly on our side. The mighty Garrison’s blade is soon interposed ‘twixt Beluth’s gut and bladder and the blessing is over. Beluth may have had some tricks up his sleeve, but this was his final performance and it was a tough crowd.



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