Sanctuary of Ilmater

Ilmater is a Deity of perseverance and suffering.

He seeks to offer words of comfort and calming to those in pain, oppressed, or in great need; he does so by seeking to endure any pain if it will lessen the pain of another.

As with many of the worlds Temples (known as “Sanctuaries” to their followers) to Ilmater, that in vesk is situated in the slums.

These temples itself is a fairly run-down building, funded on material donation only, such as food, clothing, labor, and medical supplies. It accepts no gold or valuables so as to discourage crime, as their healers are, for the most part, unarmed pacifists. Paladins to ilmater are known within the ciy, however.

The temple has a soup kitchen, infirmary and chapel for worship. The grounds of the temple were granted to healers by the lords of the city as an inexpensive method of fighting sickness and plague and improving the general health (and therefore production) of the poorest commoners who cannot afford other temples. Even theif guilds and other criminal organizations tend to leave the Ilmateri in peace, or even protect such temples from lone crimnals and zealots as many of their own members find healing with no questions asked inside Ilmater’s Sanctuaries.

Ilmaters holy symbol is a pair of white hands bound at the wrist with a red cord.

Sanctuary of Ilmater

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