zz (Deceased) Ölan zz


With his skin as white as chalk and his eyes as black as onyx this smirking creature is Shadar-kai. His hair is long and braded and has two rows of rings moving across his eyebrows and up the side of his head. Shadar-kai se it as a point of honour to master complicated weapons, this one was carrying a spiked chain when you captured him.


The Shadar-kai are a ruthless and merciless race of humanoids that live on the shadowfell in dark forbidding towns and cities. Shadar-kai society is meritocratic. Personal achievement and glory defines a shadar-kai more than family, wealth, or holdings. A shadar-kai can gain a lot of power and prestige by murdering rivals, slaying powerful beasts or completing important missions.

You captured Ölan in the sewers as he and two Dark Ones tried to kidnap Crayack on a skiff and take him along a canal. He managed to escape

zz (Deceased) Ölan zz

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