The Sewers - Captain's Log.

So, this is the Palace of Fortuity eh? I detest these fancy gambling places, where their opulence is paid for by those who lose rather than those who win. These places make wretches of people and then exploit them. After I find Beluth, I must wreak divine vengeance upon this place. I will deal out some damage – and the dealer always wins.

Hey! Somebody went through that wall! These gamblers should let Arcana through, he is a Doctor after all. Oh no, that rhymes – I must self flagellate tonight. I don’t like these secret doors. Shall I knock? There is no knocker so I had better use my hammer. I knock thrice and the door opens. It’s good that manners cost nothing, because that door might need replacing.

Who are these people? There is a rogue, he has the look of the night about him. He is looking at my purse. And a cleric of … Oghma? I can tell by the spacing of his eyes and the slope of his brow that he too is unusual. And that … is that … no, it can’t be. Can it? Is that really the legend, the man who’ll fight anything – Garrison? I must show my worth. I don’t think any of these is Beluth. Hey Arcana, is any of these Beluth?

They say they want to rescue a princess. Why do they need to rescue a princess? The nobility only need rescue from themselves. Must find Beluth. Not here. Not there. Why is Brother Bob staying behind to check under the table? Down the stairs we go, where they go, no-one knows! Oh, we are in a sewer. Time to flush out some evil.

Hey Arcana, which way should we go? I’m glad these walkways are here, this filth is beneath us.

Hey Arcana, wake up, we got some crocodiles coming for us! Stay to the path all of you! I am The Shield! Time to get down and dirty.

Ouch, these creatures don’t let go too easy but ‘tis better that I take the suffering for the others. Dr Arcana’s frost spell is just in time. Now these crocodiles are skating on thin ice.

I see the sly dagger of Bob fell a creature and the mighty Garrison swings his righteous blade, I am doubly blessed to be witness to this and to take their suffering! There are still a lot of these creatures. The High City is like a gated community, so I suppose it makes sense that the sewers are a gatored community.

Bob, Greim and Garrison fell more of them while the Doctor scatters the remaining creatures. We cut the final one down. What a croc.



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