The poem of Father Greim, Day 1

My tale begins whilst sitting down, With Garrison a fighter (brown), A burly man, with balding head, Many things he had made dead, Many beers this fighter quaffed.

His shiny brown head held aloft, Regaling me with stories old, Of adventures he thought needed told, When suddenly burst through the door, A well dressed man hard to ignore, Following him by his knees, Was a Halfling (Possibly with fleas).

A strange sight in “The Dragons Teeth”, To see a warlock and a thief, Running from an angry mob, Offering Garrison a job, “Protect us please!” the warlock shouted, The nearest thug, Garrison clouted.

Then there was a great furor, The thugs were dropped, there was one more, The last thug ran towards the door, When suddenly he hit the floor, A knife wound appeared in his chest, Made by a man in chainmail vest, The man called Kant entered the Inn, With burly thug, (And the thugs twin),

He told the Warlock (called Thorsson), And the Thief named Simon, That they should go back to the guild, There was a job to be filled, And so we went and truth be told, I didn’t know that I’d enrolled!

Then we met with a short man, A dwarf named Blackforge with a plan, Beggars had overstepped the mark, By stealing things after dark, “Put this to a stop” he told, And so the story did unfold.

We garnered info from the streets, A subtle mix of talk and beats, Till eventually we found some facts, Beggar Kings, demonic pacts.

We made our way to an iron gate, The hour now was pretty late, Through rusted bars atopped with spikes, We’re attack by men with pikes, We finished off these worthy foes, And then rummaged through their clothes.

Through a door we ventured on, To try a very daring con, Of selling our ill gotten gains, To a man with enough brains, To smell that it was indeed a trap, Another fight then, Ohgma’s crap! My legs were grabbed, I dropped a log! The grabber was an Otyugh!

I managed to escape it’s hold, The others could not be controlled, We’d captured one called Arthuro, Who told us where we had to go, To get some gold hidden in a wall, But he was a fool, He screamed and cursed and stared agog, As we fed him to the Otyugh.

Stairs were set into one section, Of this tenement erection, Stealthy plans the thief employs, But sets off traps, makes lots of noise, Alerts the guards who shoot their bows, Another fight, that’s how it goes.

The Dog boys, they were nasty mercs, We killed them all, the stupid jerks, Garrison finds a real nice sword, Once their bodies where explored. Once all our foes were bested, We set up camp that night and rested.



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