Found on the shores of

Abolith. A damnable abolith. Consumers of minds, stealers of flesh, twisters of nature, one of these children of the insanity of the void has burrowed into the bowls of Vesk. These stinking endless warrens of filth have a parasite that threatens the body of the city by turning the citizenry into weapons.

These scribbles come during a brief moment of respite between the enraged battles with the forgotten and lost who are now the inscrutable horror’s arms, legs and eyes. Blueth the master criminal has now fallen to me and my new companions. His depravity justly would have caused me to confront him. A malevolent smile graces my face at the thought of the torturing knowledge he had as the abolith drove him from himself.

Now we, this motley party, most of whom I barely know, go to face our doom or our fortune. I set these words into this bottle in the hopes that you the finder will alert the city’s guardians of the cancer growing beneath them. If I am not returned to surface with my mind intact be warned I will be nothing more than a beast of rage and you must destroy what remains of me.

Dr. Arcana



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