Vesk is a city like no other, where the bold can find their fortune and the foolish their death.

Vesk was once ruled by the tyrannical and powerful Circle of K’tal, a cabal of malevolent warlocks. Their empire burned over five centuries ago in the flames of The Forgotten War, a conflict so terrible that it is said no mortal mind can recall its outcome.

The city has changed drastically over the centuries as powerful rulers and tyrants have come and gone. The city state is ruled by Lord Eerik Candor of the Stag, a human whose family have held the seat of power for over a century. Candor is known as Candor the Just, Lord of the Divided, Chosen of Erathis, and Eerik of the Stag.

Aside from its political and industrial schisms, the city has been physically divided for as long as anyone can remember.

To the west is the High City, a shining example of human ingenuity and progress. It is home to the grand university and the famous White Spire School for Mages from across the realm. The streets are clean and clear with regular patrols by the Vesk Guard, resplendent in their deep blue tabards with the silver emblem of the stag woven into the fabric. Nobility and the upper class gather in the squares, displaying their finery and conspicuously buying expensive goods from around the realm. The defensive walls stand strong and proud, a double layer of impenetrable granite facing the Mislang Woods.

The Low City, on the east side, presents a stark contrast, squalid and ancient with crumbling buildings and buckled streets. Some areas, like the Black Alleys, are truly impoverished, thick with beggars and roaming gangs of thugs. The Kaz Bazaar is crowded with all manner of races hawking their wares to passers-by, as pungent smells of exotic spices mix with aromas both foul and fair. No guards walk the streets here but coin can buy – for the cautious or the fugitive – protection from one of the many mercenary companies. The exterior wall has seen better times, uncared for and broken in places, and again no guards patrol the walls. The unguarded gate leads to the Halden trade road and the plains beyond.

Cutting its way through the city is the great dividing wall rising some 70 ft high. There is only one gate, heavily guarded by a throng of Vesk’s finest. Citizens from the High City have little problem travelling between the two sections, but Low City residents are unlikely to see the wonders of the high city in their lifetime. Identification papers are needed to enter and are said to be almost imposable to forge. What’s more, if caught with a forgery a death sentence is highly likely unless you have friends in high places. In some ways death would be a blessing compared to spending any length of time in Vesk’s notorious prison, home to some of the most infamous criminals in all the realms.

Below the streets is the centuries-old sewer system, suffering from time, neglect and it’s unknown inhabitants. No one knows how deep the sewers run but none that travel too deep ever return. Bards tell of dark and terrible things living down there but most of these are just legend and myth.

Areas of the city

The Black Alleys

Low Docks

The Sewers (updated)

Manufacturing District

The Kaz Bazaar

Vesk University

High Docks

Vesk Military Academy

Candor Castle

The Shadowfell